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The Book Launch Party

A small but perfectly formed bookshop!

Hidden in Angel Courtyard Lymington is the wonderful new bookshop called 'The Imaginarium'. It opened just seven weeks ago and is run by Robyn, who has a deep love of books. I was lucky enough to be living around the corner when the bookshop opened and Robyn agreed to host the book launch party of 'Of All Faiths & None'.

It is amazing to see a pile of your own books on a table in a bookshop. I am pleased to say that the end of the evening that pile had been greatly reduced. It was also great to meet a number of people who were all interested in reading my novel.

I spent a lot of last night talking about 'Of All Faiths & None.' The novel is fundamentally a romance telling the tragic love stories of Christian Drewe and Rose Hall and Adrian Drewe and Celia Lutyens. It is set against the backdrop of England's last great castle - Castle Drogo. It is a tragedy because war knows no compassion. I found the whole process of selling books at a book launch strange, as my natural inclination is to be somewhat modest about it. However, after an hour or two I wanted to tell Robyn to start dragging people in off the street. It was a pleasure to meet local children's author Ian Woolley at the book launch and quick shout out for another author, Cassandra Clark, who unfortunately could not make it because of COVID. Thanks also to Jacob Ribekow Evans for taking on the role of unofficial photographer.

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