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Andrew Tweeddale

Historical Fiction

I never thought that one day I would be standing in a bookshop, next to a pile of my own books, selling them to anyone who I could pull off the street. I also never thought that selling books would be so hard!

However, the truth is that writing books is the easy bit. Getting people to read your book is the hard bit. There are 33 million book titles on Amazon and so how do you distinguish your book from the rest.  The answer is you just keep on shouting out about it and then pester everyone you know again and again until they either buy it or block you.

It took me 18 years from starting 'Of All Faiths & None' to getting it published. That might seem an incredibly long period but when you are working full time and you have a young family you really don't have too much time for writing, editing and publishing. In 2021 I decided to give up working, retire to the sun, and publish my book. I am now writing the next novel, which I hope will be completed by the end of 2023. 

The books I write are in the genre of historical fiction. They are fictious stories set in Britain in the last century. However, they are not intended to be 'Downton Abbeyesque'.  There are reflections of events that are affecting out lives now.  In my new novel I look at the interment of refugees in World War 2 and in Kenya in the 1950s. 

I want my books to take readers on a journey, however, that journey may not always comfortable.

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