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Of All Faiths & None

It is great to tell you that 'Of All Faiths & None'

1. Has won the Historical Fiction category of the International Impact Awards, received an Honourable Mention in the Paris Book Festival, awarded a Silver Book Award from Literary Titan; and has won numerous awards in the 2022 Outstanding Creator Awards.

2. Has been submitted to the Best Indie Book Awards.

3. Has received 5* and 4* reviews on Goodreads and Amazon as well as  Reedsy Discovery, The Literary Titan, Readers' Favorite, and the Online Book Club.

4. Was described as "A well-researched, honest, and grim portrayal of the effects of the Great War." - Kirkus Reviews and a stunning tale." Reedsy Discover (#183 – Sept 16, 2022) 


What the Critics Say

Literary Titan ★★★★
 The author brilliantly showcases the horrors of war and how it capitalizes on the arrogance and vanity of humans while humanizing war casualties so that they are not merely seen as numbers or statistics but as soldiers who are also brothers, sons, and spouses.
I profoundly enjoyed Of All Faiths & None by Andrew Tweeddale. I recommend this impassioned historical romance novel for the author’s ability to highlight the tragedies of war and how it is the ultimate equalizer, impacting everyone regardless of faith or lack of it. It is a well-told tale of love, faith, and war, and is perfect for fans of historical fiction.

Onlinebookclub ★★★★

This book is beautiful. The plot is just close to perfect. I have my reservation for not tagging it a perfect. I love the story. I find it difficult to accept that this narrative is fictional; this is because of how real every event in the book is. The descriptions in this book are wonderful; the author captured the settings explicitly well. 

Readers' Favorite ★★★★

Tweeddale effectively conveys the horror of that war and its effect, both physical and psychological, on the soldiers (and nurses) who fought in it and their families in England. History buffs and lovers of bittersweet romance will appreciate this novel.

The Outstanding Creator Awards +93%


of-all-faiths-and-none OCA.png

This ambitious novel that took 18+ years to write does a lot of things right. It is well-written, well-formatted, and well-researched. It also really shines at times.

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