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Having the Last Word

The Historical Novel Society was founded in the UK in 1997. At first it was conceived of as something of a campaigning society, because historical fiction was in the doldrums. I was recently interviewed by Leslie Lowe from the HNS about the launch of 'Of All Faiths & None'. The day after the interview was published, the novel won the Historical Fiction category of the Impact Book Awards.

Questions that I was asked included whether any of my own life experiences connected with any character or events in the story?

The answer was Yes and led to a re-writing of one section of the book. Read the interview to see what that was.

I was also asked whether there was an historical event that I found in researching the novel that inspired me to write this story to portray a key message prevalent now?

If you haven't read about the Order of the White Feather then check out the interview or read my previous blog on this subject.

Enjoy finding out what inspired me to write the novel. For the full interview follow the link

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